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Irene Ghobreal
Irene Ghobreal
Irene Ghobreal National Secondment Director
t: +61 2 6263 6329
o: Canberra

Irene Ghobreal

National Secondment Director

About Irene

Irene is an Australian Government lawyer with extensive experience in both government and private practice, and her key areas of practise are commercial law, contracting, procurement and probity. Irene is also a legal secondment specialist and loves working alongside her clients to provide them with access to the legal expertise they need and when they need it. 

What she does

Having undertaken over 15 onsite legal secondments to various government agencies, Irene works well in diverse team environments and quickly understands client’s business and legal requirements. Her level of experience with onsite legal secondments means that she has the ability to identify the right lawyers who can hit the ground running and provide high quality and targeted legal advice to clients.

As a commercial lawyer Irene advises Commonwealth agencies across a broad range of high value and significant procurements and transactions. Irene also specialises in drafting complex bespoke contracts and advising on contractual risks, including in relation to warranties, indemnities and limitations of liability. Irene also regular advises clients on a wide range of ongoing contract management issues including novations, variations and terminations, performance management and remedial action.

Who she works with

Irene works with numerous Commonwealth Government departments and agencies.


Irene has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Life before Sparkes

Before joining Sparkes, Irene worked for a firm (as Expert Legal Advisor and more recently as Practice Lead for the Commercial Law Group) which predominately provided legal secondment services to the government sector. Prior to that Irene worked at AGS and also at a top-tier firm.

Life outside of Sparkes

Outside of work, Irene enjoys overseas travel with her family and baking.

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Irene Ghobreal
t: +61 2 6263 6329
o: Canberra
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