Understanding government – inside and out

Over many years we've built a relationship of trust with key Commonwealth and state government agencies, as well as an understanding of their needs and the environment in which they operate—both from our work as a firm and as individuals who have formerly worked for government agencies.

We help our government clients by putting our commercial, administrative law and dispute resolution expertise to work.

Sparke a better experience

We offer:

  • first-hand understanding of the environment—we understand the pressures, competing priorities and constraints from working with Government (as a law firm) and for Government (as individual lawyers)
  • proven experience—each year we work on thousands of matters we've worked with the Commonwealth to provide appropriate practical solutions and stood behind the Government through some highly scrutinised projects and issues
  • the right approach—we listen to understand the nuances of what's involved, adapt to meet Government's needs, foster teamwork, plan well and develop respectful relationships
  • mindfulness—we always consider the consequence and potential risks of any actions or non-actions, anticipate issues and provide continuity of personnel on long-running projects
  • authenticity—we place Government's interests first, which means we don't exaggerate our abilities  and are honest about timeframes, outcomes and fees, and
  • tech-savvy—we use technology to reduce risk, improve consistency, foster collaboration, improve communication and transparency, save time and reduce cost.

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