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Government Commercial

Supporting national productivity

As one of Australia’s largest procurers and a major owner of infrastructure projects, government’s commercial projects create employment and boost productivity—and set industry standards in the process. So we believe advising on some of the nation’s most complex and high-value government contracting and procurement projects is pretty important work.   

We think commercially. Our construction and infrastructure specialists regularly advise the Commonwealth—including Commonwealth departments and agencies—on major capital works projects. We understand the nuances and benefits of different construction delivery methods, so we can advise on the best way to structure contract models and how to approach the market.

When it comes to contracting and procurement, we close every loophole. We know how to draft and develop water-tight tender and contract documents for complex digital and infrastructure projects. And we’ve made an art form out of structuring and conducting RFT processes. We finalise processes through contract negotiations and educate the market through clear debriefing exercises. We’re agile—each time we do these things, we learn something new.

We’re highly practical. In our view, probity is not there to raise obstacles to facilities or infrastructure projects. It’s about making sure decisions are fair, transparent and fully defensible—and that projects deliver.

Our national property team advises the Commonwealth on its property portfolio. We get involved in property sales and purchases, and drafting and negotiating easements and restrictions on use. When it comes to leases—from drafting, to licences and agreements, to disputes, to design construct and lease—we’ve got it covered.

We work with the Commonwealth to secure its IP in complex transactions, and substantial ownership and rights issues. Our global view means we can assist with cross-border IP issues, too. And we also help statutory authorities deal with thorny software licence compliance and copyright issues. We’re a genuine one-stop shop.


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