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Consumer Matters Issue 1

12-12-2018 | In this inaugural issue of Consumer Matters, we consider the Australian Consumer Law highlights from 2018—including a look at the ACCC's current investigations andpriorities—and offer insights into likely developments in 2019.

Insurance Matters Issue 12

07-12-2018 | We're delighted to bring you this 12th issue of Insurance Matters—recapping some of the most significant and game-changing legislative updates from 2018.

Workplace Matters 13

31-08-2018 | Welcome to Issue 13 of Workplace Matters, a digital publication bringing you the latest legal updates in safety and employment directly from our experts.

University Matters Issue 4

31-10-2017 | This publication covers a range of topics and legal issues affecting universities. In this issue we look at the increasing number of cyber breaches occurring and discuss what universities can do to effectively and securely manage their data, and be more responsive when faced with a breach.

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06-12-2018 | Sparke Helmore welcomes three new Canberra-based partners to its Government team

Sparke Helmore Lawyers is delighted to welcome three new partners to its Government team.

12-11-2018 | Sparkes helps light the future of the legal industry

The University of Newcastle and Sparke Helmore Lawyers are proud to announce the Legal Design and Innovation Project—a research partnership that will explore the intersection between law, design and technology, and what digital disruption means for the future of law students and lawyers.

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Corporate Matters
13-04-2018 | High stakes—new regulation of betting advertising

New advertising codes came into effect on 30 March 2018, extending the existing ban on betting advertising during live sporting events broadcast between 5 am and 8.30 pm to online service providers. These changes were not unexpected, but will have a significant effect on online service providers and betting operators.

16-02-2018 | Patent is a virtue

In August 2017, the Australian Government announced its official support of the Productivity Commission's recommendation that the innovation patent system be abolished, on the basis that the majority of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who use the system obtain limited value from it.

02-02-2018 | Oh My Bod—another #fitspo feud

Sophie Guidolin, #fitstagram guru and registered owner of the "BOD" word mark, is shaping up for a showdown against former Miss Universe Australia and social media star Rachael Finch.

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