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13 April 2018 | High stakes—new regulation of betting advertising

New advertising codes came into effect on 30 March 2018, extending the existing ban on betting advertising during live sporting events broadcast between 5 am and 8.30 pm to online service providers. These changes were not unexpected, but will have a significant effect on online service providers and betting operators.
16 February 2018 | Patent is a virtue

In August 2017, the Australian Government announced its official support of the Productivity Commission's recommendation that the innovation patent system be abolished, on the basis that the majority of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who use the system obtain limited value from it.
02 February 2018 | Oh My Bod—another #fitspo feud

Sophie Guidolin, #fitstagram guru and registered owner of the "BOD" word mark, is shaping up for a showdown against former Miss Universe Australia and social media star Rachael Finch.
18 December 2017 | Bad faith anxie-tea

Coca Cola recently found itself in a feist-tea trade mark showdown when Teavolution Pty Ltd filed an application to register "Gold Peak" as a trade mark for, inter alia, tea and iced tea (Class 30), despite Coca Cola having produced Gold Peak iced tea in the United States (US) since 2006.
07 November 2017 | Bye, bye by-law—NCAT finds short-term letting by-law invalid

In what is expected to be an ongoing and controversial decision, the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) recently ruled that an owners corporation's by-law prohibiting short-term letting was invalid.
01 November 2017 | Not exactly the bee's knees

It came as a sting to Australian honey producers when Unique Manuka Factor, a group of New Zealand honey producers, filed a trade mark application for "Manuka honey" with the Australian Trade Marks Office.
23 October 2017 | Not mushroom for dubious dealings in spicy patent battle

Precision has accused Domino's of reverse-engineering their global positioning system (GPS) tracking technology after a three-year project to install the technology in Domino's delivery vehicles was abandoned.
04 October 2017 | When life gives you Lennon, don't make lemonade

The creators of Polish lemonade brand, Mr Lemonade, were recently left with a sour taste in their mouths after Yoko Ono brought legal proceedings in the United Kingdom.
26 September 2017 | Lights, camera...copyright infringement!

The Federal Court of Australia recently handed down orders in two cases concerning access to copyright infringing websites.
20 September 2017 | Slippery slope for similar products

German supermarket giant Aldi wound up in a two-year legal battle when it opposed the registration of Moroccanoil Israel Ltd's (MIL) "MOROCCANOIL" word mark for hair care products in 2015.


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