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26 July 2021 | Court's decision in residential property dispute highlights common law issues of nuisance

The decision of Davies & Ors v Gold Coast City Council [2021] QDC 135 is an important reminder for councils to address landowners' complaints with caution.
23 July 2021 | Lessons from major shipping casualties: better solutions to claims

In this Podcast, Michelle Taylor talks about the variety of concerns that may be invoked by managing a major shipping incident.
15 July 2021 | Insurer's indemnity rights waived-a case of estoppel and utmost good faith

The case involved an insured body corporate of an apartment block that had known construction defects. Here's more about the matter and Federal Court decision.
13 July 2021 | Significant Federal Court decision on the Insurance Contracts Act

The case involved an insured doctor who performed a surgical procedure and was later joined to a class action after the insurance policy period ended.
2 July 2021 | SRC Act-Statutory benefit rates and calculator for FY21/22

Our Statutory Insurance team provide an updated list of statutory rates under the SRC Act and a permanent impairment and non-economic loss calculator (FY21/22).
25 June 2021 | Special Leave Application regarding business interruption COVID-19 ruling denied by High Court

The High Court ruling clarifies where it stands on exclusion clause issues but how insuring clauses are to be interpreted and applied is still uncertain.
12 May 2021 | Respite from the storm – A Reinsurance pool for flood and cyclone cover

On 11 May, the Treasurer announced that the Australian Government was establishing a reinsurance pool to provide cover for cyclone and related flood damage claims.
29 April 2021 | Causation of injury clarified: Court of Appeal outlines evidentiary requirements

The NSW Court of Appeal in Dungan v Padash [2021] NSWCA 66, has clarified the court's position on evidentiary requirements in respect of motor vehicle accidents.
28 April 2021 | Taking a pledge to ensure workplace respect and safety-#IStandForRespect

We stand in support of the Diversity Council Australia's latest campaign to make Australian workplaces respectful and safe.
31 March 2021 | Supreme Court's combustible cladding judgment backs previous Tribunal decision

The Court hands down its judgment concerning the case involving non-compliant combustible cladding that spread a fire at the Lacrosse apartment tower.


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