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Sparke Helmore is proud to be a sponsor of The Australian Legal Review Magazine this month, for the second time following our first campaign earlier in the year. The focus of this edition is around three current “hot” areas of law—insurance, M&A and dispute resolution—and looks inside the firms leading the pack.

Sparkes’ National Practice Group Leaders for Commercial Insurance and Insurance Statutory Lines, Chris Wood and James Johnson (respectively), were interviewed for the Legal Review magazine, which is out today. The article, “Commissions, construction, climate change” (p.22) discusses just that—and the highly regulated world insurance firms now operate in, following a spate of royal commissions, the #MeToo movement, climate change and the political area of workers’ compensation, which James comments that “governments are always tinkering around the edges of the law…we have to be ready for legislative change at any moment”.

James and Chris' article complements Partner and Global Insurance Law Connect Board Member Gillian Davidson’s interview with The Australian’s Legal Affairs Editor Chris Merritt, which you can view below or read on page 25 of the newspaper.

We’re also thrilled to share and promote our expertise across Commercial Insurance and Insurance Statutory Lines, as well as two focus areas in Cyber and D&O, through some beautiful advertising, which was displayed across the Business Review page last week.

In the video above, Gillian shares her insights on the insurance market and how it’s affecting business in Australia. Her years of experience working with Australian and international insurers perfectly positions her to share valuable insight into the current state of the market, where it’s come from and where it’s going. She talks about everything from the rise of workplace mental health claims, to #MeToo and climate change.

When commenting on new areas of risk, Gillian said: “While the nature of what is coming over the horizon might change, this industry has seen it all before. And this industry is used to dealing with major, catastrophic, large loss. That’s the principles upon which it’s based”.

You’ll see Sparke Helmore across several mastheads on the front page of the Business Review throughout November. Chris and James’ interview also features prominently on a special edition cover of The Australian newspaper—only on display in Qantas airport lounges across Australia this week. We love seeing our firm recognised as a leading insurance practice because we really do live and breathe insurance.

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