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Welcome to issue 13 of Insurance Matters. We've changed things up a bit with a new design and new approach. Our editorial team would love to hear what you think, so I invite you to get in touch with your feedback.

In this issue:

  • Who is liable when an employee goes rogue and commits fraud—the employer or the client who has been fooled?
  • We chat with Gillian Davidson, Sparke Helmore Partner and Global Insurance Law Connect Asia Pacific Board member, about the network and trends in the region.
  • The number of climate-related class actions have been increasing in recent years, and we look at who should bear the cost of judgments.
  • Glencore's fight with the Australian Tax Office over stolen privileged material in the public domain went to the High Court over whether legal professional privilege could be claimed over material.
  • Defendants raising reliability and credibility issues about a plaintiff need to clearly back up their claims, as shown in two Victorian personal injury cases.
  • The NSW Court of Appeal looked at whether a fair trial is possible when dealing with accusation of historical abuse against an individual.

On behalf of everyone in the Commercial Insurance team at Sparke Helmore, I hope you enjoy this issue. You can also access a print-friendly version of the PDF here.

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