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In May 2023, we launched our Director Information Series.  Recognising that operating a business in Australia could be rewarding but also challenging, our Dispute Resolution & Commercial Litigation team set about sharing their expert knowledge and insights through a series of articles aimed at considering issues that might arise in the running of your business and to explore best practice outcomes and solutions.

This guide is the culmination of that series and brings together all ten episodes published over the past 12 months. It is intended to provide you with practical and informative tips in an easy-to-read format and in support of every major phase in the lifecycle of a company.  We have considered each issue through a legal lens so you can ensure your business is compliant and protected, particularly given that in addition to statutory duties, the duties and responsibilities of directors and officers are governed by the common law, equity and a company’s constitution. 

Issues covered in this wrap-up include shareholders’ agreements and shareholder disputes, best practice execution of documents, ESG considerations, protecting a business’ rights and assets when contracting, and recognising and dealing with financial distress and insolvency in your business and that of your customers.

We hope you find this round-up useful.  If you need assistance with an issue we have highlighted in this guide or have any questions about your business or obligations as a director or officer, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team.

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