Quality and consistency through collaboration

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (ExCo) is a consultative and advisory forum that assists its members' decision-making in their various areas of responsibility. The ExCo comprises:

  • the National Managing Partner, whose role and responsibilities include:
    • ensuring the implementation of the strategy for the partnership
    • coordinating the application of resources to ensure they are properly used in line with strategy and deliver value, and
    • taking responsibility for the delivery of financial and other firm-wide targets and goals of the strategy
  • the Chief Operating Officer, who is responsible for support services, and assists with strategy and its implementation
  • the Chief Financial Officer, who is responsible for managing the firm's financial framework, and
  • National Practice Group Leaders, who are responsible for the strategic direction, financial performance and operation of their Practice Group. National Practice Groups are groups of legal and support staff focused on a broad area of legal practice. Where represented, each group operates on a national basis. National Practice Group Leaders report to the National Managing Partner.

ExCo is supported by the directors of each support services department.

ExCo as at 23 April 2024