Why Sparke Helmore?


Because we are interested, we take the time to know our people, what their hopes and aspirations are and what's concerning them. We value their opinions, and that's why we have structured feedback programs and informal conversations to find out how we can keep making our firm better and a better place to work.

In our last engagement survey, our people told us that our managers are great at building teams, providing recognition, valuing contribution and being responsive.


Meet some of the people who work at Sparke Helmore.

Clients and work

We want to be a market-leading Australian professional services business that our clients choose for outstanding people, legal expertise and our ability to connect. We expect the people who join our team to want that too.

To get there, we work together and put our clients at the heart of everything we do.

We think that's why we get interesting work from great clients, many of whom are household names, ASX 100 companies, international insurers and other multi-nationals, and large government departments and agencies.

Benefits - generous and thoughtful

We recognise people value benefits differently. That's why Thrive@Sparke, our benefits program, has a wide range of benefits so that everyone can find something that appeals to them.

Loving life

  • social and sporting events
  • half-day birthday leave
  • community support opportunities
  • discounted movie tickets


  • subsidised pilates, yoga and circuit classes
  • fresh fruit
  • ability to purchase additional  leave
  • innovative work practices
  • career breaks
  • generous paid parental leave provisions
  • access to emergency childcare
  • subsided flu shots
  • health and wellbeing seminars
  • employee assistance program


  • income protection insurance
  • salary sacrifice opportunities
  • SparkeSmartSaver - our online discounts for everyday purchases
  • further education


We have worked with our staff to ensure we provide a meaningful range of financial and non-financial rewards to encourage and recognise great work. These include:

  • market competitive salaries
  • an incentive scheme for eligible staff who exceed expectations on financial contribution and overall performance
  • Shine@Sparke peer nominated rewards, and
  • spotter's referral program, that pays up to $10,000 for successful referrals of staff.


We place a high priority on developing our people.  We offer:

  • formal learning development program
  • career mentoring technical and leadership development courses
  • one-on-one training secondment opportunities, and
  • financial and leave support for further education.

With a capability framework that defines the key skills and performance indicators for every role and provides clarity around career development pathways, we are helping our people to achieve their goals.


We appreciate that finding balance between working hard and spending time doing other things can be a juggling act.  We support our people with maintaining this balance by providing a variety of sporting and social activities, lifestyle and health seminars, and tips and innovative work arrangements so they can spend more time with family and pursue their interests or further study.

To help people to achieve the balance they want, we offer part-time, compressed work weeks, mobility and varied hours working options.

Diversity & inclusivity


Valuing diversity means providing a workplace that respects, includes and values differences, recognises and nurtures the contributions that individuals make and fosters a work environment that maximises the potential of all men and women. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is central to us achieving our strategic vision, that is, to be a world-class independent Australian law firm most that clients value for its people and performance. Our immediate area of focus is on gender equality.

Through the firm's Diversity Committee, senior leaders oversee the design, implementation and monitoring of programs and initiatives to achieve our diversity objectives. Chaired by our National Managing Partner, Jesse Webb, the committee meets four times per year and reports to the firm's Executive Committee and Board.

Our Employee Advisory group strengthens communication channels from and to our people on issues that affect our workplace. This group is representative of our workforce and provides insight into different employee perspectives, offering ideas and feedback that assists us to focus our efforts in this space.

Our targeted strategy aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • improve the retention rates of our highly talented women
  • increase the number of women in senior roles, and
  • educate and equip our leaders with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and build diversity at the firm.

Pro bono

Pro bono work enables us to meet our ethical obligation to enhance access to justice. We provide legal advice and services on a no fee or substantially reduced-fee basis to non-profit organisations and disadvantaged individuals.


We support our community through staff participation in community and philanthropic activities, such as volunteering, mentoring, resource-sharing and fundraising. In 2013, we launched the Sparke Helmore community grant, which will enable staff to support a specific community activity. The grant consists of $10,000 in funds and 10 days' leave to run the activity.


We support sustainability by sourcing environmentally responsible products and managing and monitoring our resource consumption.