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As part of a package of support measures for the film and television industry, which the Commonwealth Government announced in 2020, the following have come into effect as from 1 July 2021.

The changes relate specifically to the Producer Offset and relate to productions commencing principal photography on or after 1 July 2021.

The amendments are: 

  • the Producer Offset will be a 30 per cent rebate for all eligible formats

  • the minimum qualifying Australian production expenditure (QAPE) threshold will be increased to $1 million for feature length content

  • the ‘Gallipoli clause’, which allows some costs incurred outside of Australia to be claimed as QAPE, will be removed

  • the 65 commercial hour cap will be removed for drama productions

  • the above-the-line (ATL) QAPE cap will be extended to non-feature documentaries

  • the level of Australian held copyright that can be claimed will be capped at 30 per cent of total production expenditure, and 

  • overheads will no longer be eligible to be claimed as QAPE.   

In another positive development, with effect from the same date (1 July – commencement of principal photography) the Government has increased the Producer Offset rebate to 40 per cent for feature films.

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