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This publication offers you a variety of articles ranging from case studies to essential updates, which provide you with macro and micro perspectives on events, changes and challenges that shape the Maritime and Aviation Transport industry.

In this issue, we focus on current developments in automation and digitisation impacting the Maritime and Aviation Transport industry including:

  • how maritime autonomous vehicle (MAV) technology is being tested and deployed in commercial and defence settings, and the regulatory frameworks currently in place
  • the scope of insurance coverage and liability issues for autonomous vessels
  • the international regulatory environment in relation to maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) in the context of existing conventions, and
  • how drones are shaping the digital transformation of the maritime and shipping industry.

In addition to the feature articles, we discuss recent legal developments, which you may find of interest.  We look forward to sharing more information with you in our next edition, available in early 2024.

We hope this issue is beneficial to you.  If there are industry-related topics you would like us to cover in future editions, please contact Michelle Taylor or Mark Sainsbury.

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