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Sparke Helmore is excited to make the grade in Australasian Lawyer’s 5-Star Employer of Choice listing for 2022.  Firms were categorised by number of employees, which put us in the category of 500-999 employees, where we were ranked 6th.

In the story accompanying the list of those recognised, Andrew White is featured with a number of quotes including:

“Andrew White, national managing partner of 2022 Employer of Choice Sparke Helmore, believes that the profession is facing The Great Realignment rather than The Great Resignation. ‘People are definitely thinking about what’s important to them, and for many that has taken a new direction given the experience of the past two years.  Certainly, some people have re-evaluated their priorities, he explains. 

For the most part, however, people seem to be looking to manage their current work and personal lives in diverse ways.’ One of those methods is greater freedom for lawyers to be able to work wherever they wish.  ‘Approximately 80% of our people nationally indicated that their preferred way of working would be part-time in the office and part-time remote’, White shares. ‘What we have seen is a need to be more flexible in where people work and that may mean they work for us from overseas locations from time to time.”

A fantastic achievement and dedicated to everyone in the firm who make Sparke Helmore what it is!

About Sparke Helmore

We’ve come a long way since our doors first opened in the Hunter in 1882. We’ve had an office in Sydney since the ‘60s and we recently opened our ninth office in Darwin.

We cover six key areas of law – Corporate & Commercial, Commercial Insurance, Government, Property Environment & Finance, Statutory Lines of Insurance and Workplace – with more than 30 specialised areas of expertise. We’re a truly national, full service and proudly Australian firm that delivers results through deep collaboration with our clients. Wherever our clients need us, that’s where we’ll be.

Covering a big country needs a big team—we’re more than 850 people now and still growing. And in true Australian spirit, we’re friendly, approachable and easy to work with. And when you work with one of us, you get the expertise of all of us.

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