What we do

  • Bullying—risk management, policy development, training, internal investigations, executive liability and briefings, claim and dispute management, alternative dispute resolution and litigation
  • Commissions of inquiry—Royal Commissions and coronial inquiries
  • Contractor management—system, contract and document reviews
  • Coronial inquests and inquiries—investigation, requests for information, communications, employee interviews, submissions and defences
  • Due diligence—policy and procedure, regulatory compliance, audits and inspections
  • Mental health—training and policy development
  • Fatigue management—investigation, compliance, requests for information and strategies for inquests
  • Food safety—food safety regulations, food handling, contamination and liability
  • Improvement & prohibition notices—investigation, strategy, internal review, mediation, litigation and appeals
  • Incident response and management—Safety Incident Response Hotline, 20 minutes free telephone advice and request for investigations
  • Legal briefings & training—WHS legal briefings for senior executives and boards and WHS training for staff and managers, including court simulations and regulator interview simulations
  • Policies and procedures—codes of conduct and workplace, drug and alcohol, bullying and appropriate workplace behaviour policies
  • Regulatory investigations & prosecutions—investigation and enforcement actions, communications, employee interviews, submissions and defences
  • Safety governance & assurance—regulatory compliance, policies and procedures, executive briefings and training
  • Safety litigation & dispute resolution—claim and dispute management, dispute strategies, executive liability and briefings, alternative dispute resolution and litigation
  • Transport chain of responsibility—advice on regulations, improvement and infringement notices, supervisory intervention orders, licensing and registration sanctions, prohibition orders and penalties

What others say

"They're very commercial, very good at expressing things in plain English and very responsive. I've never had any difficulty at all in getting through to the most senior people at the firm." Client quoted in Chambers Asia Pacific 2013

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