Getting the deal done


Whether property transactions are complex or routine, we help clients to get the deal they want—on time and on budget.

Our national team has a wealth of experience in providing advice and assistance across all areas of property and developments, including acquisitions and disposals, property advocacy, drafting and negotiating project delivery agreements, development management, deeds and joint venture agreements, titling, subdivision, strata conversion and commercial, industrial and retail leasing.

We act from the inception of a development through to completion by assisting in the site acquisition, providing advice on structuring purchases for maximum benefit, dealing with planning and development approval issues and, if necessary, taking on appeals and documenting any transactional agreements. We are highly experienced at undertaking the off-the-plan sales. We also advise on the optimum titling and subdivision platform, and draft the easements, restrictions, covenants and by-laws.

We regularly act on the acquisition or divestment of commercial office buildings and shopping centres, including undertaking due diligence on acquisitions, while our acquisitions team advises on stamp duty and GST.

Our clients often ask us to document and negotiate debt and equity funding, joint venture structuring and financing and secured loan transactions. We avoid delays by working hand-in-hand with our acquisition team, which reviews and negotiates the funding documentation for purchases.

We also support clients in a wide range of routine or bespoke retail, commercial and industrial leasing matters, including Australia-wide leasing portfolios for various institutions.

Our clients value our technical advice, which takes into account the commercial imperative of transactions and aims to “get the deal done” without sacrificing clients’ options, rights or entitlements.

We pride ourselves on the number of high-level institutions that trust us to handle their transactions.

What others say

"... an ability to understand the often complex commercial aspects of a deal and effectively and efficiently negotiate and document the transactions." Richard de Carvalho, General Counsel, Capital Corporation

Team leader