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Such is democracy

17-07-14 | Business uncertainty is set to continue under the new Senate. Lawyers now seeking to advise clients on legislative changes need to understand the dynamics of the political process, the interests of the cross-bench Senators and be prepared to advise on alternative and even unexpected outcomes.

The right to be forgotten

14-07-14 | In May, the European Court of Justice handed down a decision that allows Europeans to request that public information about them be deleted from search engine listings. This decision will likely have international ramifications.

Oracle raises the bar on compensation for sexual harassment

17-07-14 | In a landmark decision, the Full Court of the Federal Court has increased the amount of compensation for non-economic loss awarded to an employee, who was sexually harassed in the workplace, from $18,000 to $100,000.

You must read your briefs

08-07-14 | The Federal Court has provided a timely reminder to government decision-makers - particularly ministers - to diligently consider briefing materials when exercising their powers.

Australian Growth Company Awards nominations open

01-07-14 | Sparke Helmore Lawyers is pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the third annual Australian Growth Company Awards.