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Heads in the cloud: How insurers and courts are handling the IT challenge

12-11-14 | Although cyber risk is a growing area of exposure and concern for Australian companies, there has yet to be a uniform response to the threat.

Professional negligence: Is the burden of proof shifting to the sued?

07-11-14 | Practitioners may need to accept greater accountability following a ruling in the English Court of Appeal.

The importance of good process when assessing a TPD claim

31-10-14 | In a claim for total and permanent disability, insurers often grapple with the distinction between what is real and what is theoretical when determining whether someone is capable of performing work by reason of education, training and experience.

Delay in start-up insurance: The expectations, realities and technicalities

28-10-14 | Early identification of potential issues in DSU claims management will give you the best chance of avoiding or minimising any adverse effects.

WA Work Health and Safety Bill introduced into Parliament

23-10-14 | The Western Australian Government has introduced the Work Health and Safety Bill 2014 (WA Bill). The WA Bill is the Western Australian version of the Model Work Health and Safety Bill and will "harmonise" WA work health and safety laws with the rest of Australia.