Patrick Polis
Patrick Polis
Patrick Polis Senior Associate
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o: Canberra

Patrick Polis

Senior Associate

About Patrick

Patrick is a commercial lawyer who works closely with government agencies and the private sector. He has worked in-house in Commonwealth Government agencies and is known for his understanding of the Commonwealth Government's legal and policy framework for procurements, having advised on all stages of a transaction. 

What he does

Patrick works on a variety of transactions, from one-off procurements to multi-phased billion-dollar acquisitions. He advises on procurement and contracting lifecycles, including preparing approach to market documentation, managing the tender open phase, tender evaluations and negotiation of contracts. Patrick is also experienced in providing advice on above-the-line and below-the-line contractor services.

Who he works with

Patrick advises government agencies and the private sector.

Work done recently

Patrick has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Canberra.

Life before Sparkes

Before joining Sparkes, Patrick worked in a variety of roles in both the public and private sector.  He has worked as in-house counsel for one of the major Commonwealth Government departments and in a commercial advisory role with Big 4 consulting firm.

Life outside of Sparkes

Patrick is an avid martial arts practitioner, often injuring himself whilst throwing someone around (or being thrown around). His sporting interests are contrasted by his love of food and wine, which seem to cancel out the health benefits of his training regime.

Outside of this contradiction, Patrick is an avid photographer, boom bap music enthusiast (if you know, you know), and devoted dog owner. He often jokes that he only works so hard to keep his dog in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed.

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Patrick Polis
t: +61 2 6263 6371
o: Canberra
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