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Nathan Maslen
Nathan Maslen
Nathan Maslen Special Counsel
t: +61 2 6263 6340
o: Canberra

Nathan Maslen

Special Counsel

About Nathan

Nathan is a senior commercial lawyer with broad experience in government procurement, intellectual property and information technology contracts. Nathan is pragmatic and approachable, having seen both sides of the “legal fence” as a Commonwealth government lawyer and also as in-house counsel with a public company and in private practice.

What he does

Nathan assists clients on complex procurement, commercial contracting, contract management, information technology and intellectual property law. 

Who he works with

Nathan is currently on secondment with the Commonwealth Department of Defence advising on large scale Defence acquisition and sustainment contracts.

Work done recently

Nathan holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of NSW and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Canberra.

Life before Sparkes

Before joining Sparkes, Nathan worked as a Principal Lawyer with the Commonwealth Department of Health for 13 years. He started his legal career in Sydney with a national top-tier firm and also worked as in-house counsel with George Weston Foods.

Life outside of Sparkes

When he’s not playing with his dog, Nathan enjoys creating a mess on canvas with oil paints and the odd game of tennis. He likes to juxtapose watching action thrillers with romantic comedies and is currently engrossed in UK detective crime fiction.

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Nathan Maslen
t: +61 2 6263 6340
o: Canberra
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