Kristy Shardlow
Kristy Shardlow
Kristy Shardlow External Communications Manager
t: +61 2 9373 3506
o: Sydney

Kristy Shardlow

External Communications Manager

About Kristy

Kristy has worked in communications and publishing for more than 10 years. She specialises in corporate and internal communications.

What she does

Kristy works across all of the firm's communications, including publications, media relations, social media, website, advertising and internal communications.

Who she works with

Kristy works with the firm's management team, partners, clients, lawyers and shared services teams.

Work done recently

Kristy has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Life before Sparkes

Before joining Sparkes in 2011, Kristy worked in defence publishing in London, United Kingdom. She also previously worked in the medical and higher education publishing sectors in Sydney and London.

Life outside of Sparkes

Kristy enjoys travelling, scuba diving, sunny days and absorbing information that is useful at pub trivia nights.