Kelvin Defranciscis
Kelvin Defranciscis
Kelvin Defranciscis Senior Associate
t: +61 2 6263 6387
o: Canberra

Kelvin Defranciscis

Senior Associate

About Kelvin

Kelvin is a Commonwealth compensation, social security and administrative law specialist. His extensive experience working for and within various government departments gives him a deep understanding of his clients' needs and priorities.  

What he does

Kelvin's expertise lies in advising clients on strategies relating to claims management, dispute resolution and litigation. He has extensive knowledge of the Commonwealth's operating environment, including the requirements of the Legal Services Directions and the obligation to act as model litigant. Kelvin regularly appears as a solicitor/advocate in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Who he works with

Kelvin advises and represents Commonwealth Government departments and agencies, insurers, and self-insured licensees.

Work done recently

Kelvin has a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from James Cook University. He is also completing the final unit of his Master of Laws at the Australian National University.

Life before Sparkes

Kelvin worked as an Indigenous cadet with a government department while completing his law degree. Since completing his studies, he has worked for various Commonwealth government departments and agencies where he gained valuable experience across a range of legal areas.

Life outside of Sparkes

Kelvin relocated from Townsville to Canberra in 2011, but is yet to acclimatise to the frosty temperatures (which he steadfastly believes exist for at least 10 months of the year).

Since recently becoming a parent, Kelvin has discovered the true power and importance of coffee, and realised that his highly developed negotiation and dispute resolution skills have no effect on baby Nina.

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Kelvin Defranciscis
t: +61 2 6263 6387
o: Canberra
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