In an article first published by National Safety magazine, our Partner Jackson Inglis and Lawyer Liliana Schultz look at the legal developments to address workplace bullying that have followed the 2011 introduction of "Brodies Law" in Victoria and what employers need to do to combat this problem.

The article looks at what workplace bullying is, what duties employers have under the Fair Work Act, current state and territory state work health and safety laws and under federal and state anti-discrimination legislation. Jackson and Liliana also examine the consequences of workplace bullying for employers and employees and suggest some steps that organisations can take to prevent the impact of, and manage the risks of, workplace bullying.

Click here to see the PDF of the article.

This article was first published in the September 2019 issue of National Safety magazine, which is an NSCA Foundation publication produced by Westwick-Farrow Media. To subscribe to the magazine, email

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