Welcome to the first edition of the Commercial Insurance Podcast series: Business Interruption cover and COVID-19

The impact of epidemics and pandemics on the insurance market is not new, and neither is the spread of diseases communicated from animals to humans. For many decades, the insurance market has had to adapt and respond to many health emergencies such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic, Equine Influenza, Swine Flu, Avian (bird) Flu and Ebola, and now of course COVID-19. 

Many property insurance policies, or Industrial Special Risks policies, carry extensions of cover - commonly referred to as “contingent business interruption” (CBI) cover - for losses associated with the outbreak of certain diseases. It should therefore come as no surprise that the current health crisis is a matter of great concern to many insurers providing CBI cover for diseases.

You’re invited to join James Clohesy and James Sutherland as they explore Business Interruption cover and COVID-19.   

To listen to the podcast, you can click on Business Interruption cover and COVID-19 link and be directed to Sparke Helmore's podcast page on our website, or listen on Podbean through The Sparke Cast host page.

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