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Welcome to the first issue of Sparke Helmore's Cyber Insurance Update—a publication from our national Cyber Insurance team.

The introduction of the national mandatory notification legislation leaves little doubt that cyber risk, cyber breaches and the role that insurance can play in this space are piquing the interests of organisations across Australia. Cyber Insurance Update aims to be a guiding and informative voice in this national—and international—conversation.

Australia slow on the cyber insurance uptake

We discuss the role of an insurer in an entity's cyber resilience plans and address some of the reasons we believe there has been minimal uptake in this area to date. Read more...

Cyber health check

The health care industry has become a major target for cyber attacks and we take a closer look at some of the reasons why. Read more...

Class action risk on the horizon

Australia is a unique jurisdiction when it comes to the alliance of litigation funding and class actions. We gaze into a future of class actions from data breaches, which are potentially on the horizon. Read more...

Clearing the cloudiness around third party vendor breaches

There is a real possibility that the new data breach notification legislation will have far-reaching implications for all parties, particularly third party vendors, and we have examined the exposure risks in this respect. Read more...

Interview with Emergence Founder and Managing Director, Troy Filipcevic

In an interview with Emergence Insurance Founder and Managing Director, Troy Filipcevic, we talk about the work Emergence has done in this challenging market as a specialist carrier with a sole focus on cyber insurance. Read more...

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